Mission Statement Making a difference in our community through Christian outreach in a fun and safe environment.

Purpose Statement Our primary purpose is to expand the knowledge of Christ among youth by setting a positive example and providing a safe place for recreation.

Vision Statement To be Washington's premier skatepark and recreational facility by providing each guest with a variety of activities in a friendly, affordable, Christian environment.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Can" You Make A Difference?

"Can" You Make A Difference? is our summer fundraiser.

There is a local business paying for clean, crushed pop cans. So, we've decided to run a pop can fund raiser for July and August.

Please bring your rinsed and crushed pop cans to Skate Night (Kenmore) or Skate Night Tue (Bothell.) We'll take them in to the recycler, collect the cash and put it directly into keeping M.A.D. Skates Skate Nights going and growing.

For an alternate drop off location, please contact me directly. brett@madskates.com

Skate Night Tue


CrossPointe Church
19527 104th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Every Tuesday night - July & August

Same format as Skate Night
1 hour Skate Session
30 minute Bible Session
1 hour Skate Session

Free just like Monday nights
Pop, chips and snacks available for purchase
Outdoor covered area

June 29 - Personal Study

Bible Drill Verses
1 Peter 3:17
Luke 14:27
Matthew 5:11-12

Study Questions
1. If you would go to prison to save the life of your best friend, to fight for your right to skateboard,, or because you were standing up for something you believe, would you go to prison for the God (Christ) who died to give you eternal life?
2. What made you give the answer you just gave? Why did you answer that way?
3. Christ died on the cross (still one of the most painful ways to die) in order to give you eternal life and save you from your sins. What are you willing to lose for Him?
4. I Peter 3:17 says it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. What do you think this means in your daily life?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 Minutes - 1 Night


I'm desperately seeking volunteers to help with set up and tear down. It looks 95% sure that we will be running Skate Night Tue on Tuesday nights at a church in Bothell during the summer months of July & August. That means back to back nights of setting up and tearing down.

I'm asking for 30 minutes of your time either at 5:15 or 9:00 on Monday or Tuesday night. If you can sign up for one night or 5 nights, we'll take you. I need at least 2 guys/gals that can lift 70-80 pounds as the ramps weigh that much and have to be unloaded, set up, and reloaded from the van each night.

Please call or email me to sign up for "30 Minutes - 1 Night" this summer and let me know if you can help with the 5:15 set up or the 9:00 tear down on either Monday or Tuesday night. The schedule is wide open right now, so pick your date and get your first choice of nights.

Thank you.
Brett Elizabeth Spore

June 22 - Personal Study

Sometimes God changes things up at the last second, and you just have to go with it. The lesson I had planned for Monday night Skate Night, just didn't seem to fit that evening's atmosphere or the kids that were there. So, just as Bible Session was starting, we headed in a completely unplanned direction.

Therefore, there are no study questions from last Monday night. However, here are the three scriptures we looked at and discussed.

James 1:19
Philippians 4:5
Colossians 4:6

God bless you all; we hope to see you soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woodinville Skate Competition

5th Annual Woodinville Skateboarding Competition 2009, presented by the Northshore YMCA.

Sunday, June 28th, 2009. Competition starts at noon.

Attention Local Skate Boarders!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE BACK… Let’s get ready for another amazing day of skating, fun, drinks and prizes here at the Woodinville Rotary Skate Park.

The prize bags are full thanks to the generosity of the skate industry and your local shops.

Registration: $10.00 per skater, $15.00 for sponsored.started at 10:30 am. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Northshore YMCA site and must be signed by legal guardian.


Age Divisions:

- 10 and under
- 11-15
- 16 and up
- Sponsored
- Freestyle Best Trick will be given for best trick!!!.

NW GromFest will be on site to qualify a few amazing skaters for the 09 GromFest.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 15th - Personal Study

Bible Drill Scriptures:
Psalm 33:12
Luke 18:1
II Chronicles 7:14

1. Do you pray?
2. Do you pray as much as you watch TV?
3. Who is in control of your life, Hollywood or the Holy Spirit?
4. How can we help save our country and return to a good relationship with God?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coffee Closeout!

M.A.D. Coffee is now on a Closeout Sale!

$10.00 for a 1 lb bag. (Regularly $13)
$1.50 for a 2.5oz "sample."

Contact me via email (brett@madskates.com) if you would like to order some, or to pick up in person, visit us at Skate Night on Monday nights in Kenmore... Bethany Bible Church gym, 6214 NE Bothell Way.

Available 1 lb bags include:
Breakfast Blend
Breakfast Blend Decaf
Colombian Supremo
Colombian Supremo Decaf
Italian Espresso
Indonesian Sumatra
Indonesian Sumatra (whole bean)
French Edge
7am Grind

Samples are mostly flavored coffees:
Coconut Cream
Caramel Vanilla
German Chocolate Cake
Creme Brule'
French Edge

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 8th - Personal Study

1. In my example of being captured by the enemy, you became a slave. In reality, there are only two camps you can live in - Darkness or Light? Which kingdom are you living in?

2. Can you get to heaven by being a good person and doing good things?

3. By accepting God's rescue through Christ, you get to be God's son or daughter. What else does that mean? What ist he big benefit to that?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What would you do with $200?

On June 1st, we posed this question to the youth attending the Bible Session at Skate Night.

"You have $200 to give to others. What would you do with it?"

They were then given a list of seven different ministries and asked to write in which ministry or ministries would get their $200.

The results are in... The following ministries will receive the following amounts:
Boarders for Christ - $45
Christian Skaters - $20
Jamaican Skate Outreach - $5
A.C.E. (housing orphans in Zambia) - $75
Action International (feeding and educating orphans and poor in Zambia) - $30
Guatemala Skate Outreach - $5
Serious JuJu - $30

(*This actually totals $210. In order to make round numbers, we had to add a little extra.)

Checks will go out this week to each of the ministries. M.A.D. Skates is thrilled to be able to share in the blessings God has given us. I personally hope that we can continue to allow the youth to determine where our tithes and offerings will go. They have been asked to notify me of any outreaches or ministries that they would like to have on the list for next time.

Did I share all of this to say, "Hey look at us, we're tithing!"? No. I am sharing all of this, because it encourages me to see where these kids' hearts are - to see what is important to them as a group - to see how they think individually. I am happy to see the money donated to M.A.D. Skates doesn't stop making a difference when it hits our bank.

Thank you for continuing to support this ministry and these kids. God bless you all!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Basement

Check out the Basement at www.thebasementonline.com.

Also, the new show coming up on Steelroots.com. Watch the trailer at http://www.steelroots.com/thebasement360/

God bless!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pass the Peas Please!

This week at skate night, we talked about how God blesses us and how that allows us to bless others.

Proverbs 22:9 says "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor."

After doing Bible Drill and a brief explanation of why we (M.A.D. Skates) take 10% of all of our income and put it toward other ministries, I presented several ministry opportunities for the 9 kids in attendance to vote on.

We have $200 to give away, and each kid was allowed to mark on their sheet of paper where they would like the money to go. This week I will tally it up and announce how the money is getting sent out.

It was fun to see where each kid put their $200. Some put it all in one place; others spread it out over 2 or 3 ministries, while one young man divided it up amongst all the ministries available.

Stay tuned to see who is getting blessed!