Mission Statement Making a difference in our community through Christian outreach in a fun and safe environment.

Purpose Statement Our primary purpose is to expand the knowledge of Christ among youth by setting a positive example and providing a safe place for recreation.

Vision Statement To be Washington's premier skatepark and recreational facility by providing each guest with a variety of activities in a friendly, affordable, Christian environment.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weather and Pictures

First - The Weather - It's supposed to be somewhere around 100 degrees again tomorrow, so we're going to have water bottles available for free at Skate Night 2. I don't want anyone passing out from heat exhaustion.

Secondly - We now have a picture hosting site where you go can and see Skate Night and Skate Night 2 photos taken by me, some of the parents, and some of the teens/youth. I love handing my camera over to the youth to see what they get on film. Some of the pictures taken by them are far better than anything I've shot so far! Anyway, go to www.madskates.shutterfly.com to see what I've been able to post on there so far. If you want to have your photo removed, please let me know, and I will do so within 48 hours. If you have photos you would like to add, please email them to me with any details.

Stay cool!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ministry Needs

1 - 1 volunteer for skate night set up Monday nights and Wednesday nights. Does not have to be the same person. Can get set up in about 25-45 minutes depending on how many people we get to help out.

2 - DVD Player and LCD Flat Screen TV (Or combination machine) TV must be at least 19" and relatively easy to move. Our current DVD player is on loan and needs to go back to the owner (my husband) ASAP. Our current TV is not doing well and does not make it through the entire night without starting to have issues. We're really not sure how much longer it is going to last. If you have a DVD player or LCD flat screen that would meet our needs, please contact me ASAP. Or if you would like to donate funds towards the purchase of a combination (DVD/TV) unit, please do so. We have our "dream machine" picked out if God provides the funds - 26" LCD/DVD combo.

3 - More NIV Bibles. New or used. We ran out last Wednesday.

4 - Prayer. Please pray for our teens that are not with us this summer. Some of them are at church camp. Some are with family. Some I spotted at the new skate park at Seattle Center this weekend. Please pray that although they are not with us at skate night this summer they will meet with God and that God would meet them right where they are, wherever they are.

4 - I am now making my personal prayer request public. It is my heart's desire to have a building of our own, so we can expand the ministry and meet more kids in more ways. It is my prayer that God would provide us with a building sometime this fall, that it would be rent free for a minimum of one year, that it would be at least 3000 square feet and have a bathroom and small office, and that it would be located on a bus route in the Bothell/Lynnwood area. A lot to ask considering the economic climate and the decline in general giving? Only if your God is in a box. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Nights - 2 Stories - 1 God

Monday Night
We had 2 skaters. My friend from work came to help with set up and ended up staying the whole night. We played the Livin It LA DVD, and both the kids and my friend alternated between skating and watching the video. On this DVD there are some great testimonies from guys like Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, and Richard Mulder. It was a great opportunity for my co-worker to hear and see how God changes lives.

For Bible Session, we ate popcorn and watched the “Reality Underground Vietnam” video series. There was some good discussion about the video, and my final question was (as it always will be for this series) “Would you go?”

Wednesday Night
We had 14 skaters, 2 non-skaters that hung out most of the night, and several kids that just “stopped by for awhile.” We also had a bunch of parents sitting on the grassy edge watching and chatting. The weather was fabulous. The hotdogs were yummy, and the kids seemed to have a good time.

After Bible drill, I briefly shared part of my testimony and asked the kids to think about their testimony – their story. We ended with this question, “Think of someone younger than you. If today was your last day here, what would you say to them? What would you tell them?” We had some good responses, asked for prayer request and closed with prayer.

Some might look at Wednesday night and say it was far more successful than Monday night, but I always wonder, “How does God measure success?” Does He count the number of candy bars and cold drinks sold that night or look at the profit/loss statement at the end of the month? Does He look at those who give “the right church answer” to the questions I ask or the kid who gets 3 out of 3 Bible Drill verses that night? Does He measure success by the changes started in someone’s heart or the long term affects those choices make? How does God measure success?

I honestly don’t know, but a wise man once said to me “You never know if one of these kids may be the next Billy Graham,” and that is why we will stay open for 1 kid. That is why when people ask, “Is it worth all the work to set up and tear down for 1 kid?” I reply, “Yes.” Is it tough? Yes. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. Jesus left the 99 to save the 1 – Why should M.A.D. Skates be any different?

Thanks for your continued support. May God bless you abundantly. I’m off to the Women of Faith conference with some of my favorite women in the world – My Moms!

Walking by Faith – Hoping to Run
Brett Elizabeth Spore

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skate Night Review

Skate Night 2
Our first Wednesday night, outdoor skate night occurred last Wednesday night at CrossPointe Church in Bothell. We had seven kids attend, ate free hotdogs supplied by M.A.D. Skates, and enjoyed the new skate environment. We talked about "hope." It was a pleasure to meet the Pastor's wife as well as the new Family Pastor Ray Master.

We're looking forward to another great night tonight. Thanks to Dave & Julie King who worked Skate Night 2 with me last week, helped with set up and tear down last week, and who have signed up to do it all again tonight.

Skate Night
Monday night we had six kids, ate popcorn and watched our new video series "Reality Underground Vietnam" about 8 kids who smuggle Bibles into Vietnam. Special thanks to John & Katie Bennett and Dave King for helping with set up, and special thanks to Mike McVicker and his boys for staying to help with tear down.

Set Up/Tear Down
Thanks to John Bennett and Shane Huddlehuff for signing up for set up next Monday night. I'm pleased to announce that we have set up coverage for tonight, next Monday night (July 20th), and next Wednesday night (July 22nd). We also have coverage for tear down tonight, but we could use one more person next Monday night (July 20th).

There are plenty of openings the rest of the summer as well, so if you are available, please let me know.

A special thanks to Bev Spore (my mother-in-law) for consistently being there on Monday nights as an adult supervisor. We couldn't have done this without you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

70lb Lifter Needed - Tonight!

We need one person who can lift 70lbs or at least 1/2 that in order to get skate night set up tonight. If you are available, please be at Bethany Bible Church in Kenmore at 5:15. It should take 30 minutes to unload the van and get set up.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

OFF TOPIC! - Teddy's Bigger Burgers

I don't usually use my M.A.D. Skates connections as a forum for anything else but M.A.D. Skates and related items, but this was too good a burger to not share with my friends!!! Who knows; maybe this will be the location of our first "dine & donate."

Jason and I just returned from a late-night dinner at Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Woodinville, WA. Fantastic! I have heard this place is packed during the day and into the early evening, but upon arrival at 9:30 this evening, there was only one other couple there. Two more couples and a college aged son came in while we were there, making it peaceful but not lonely.

The original Teddy's Bigger Burgers is in Hawaii, and I hear it has been a popular burger joint there for 10 years. Woodinville is the first mainland location. The customer service was outstanding. The young lady that assisted us actually welcomed us in even though they were closing in 30 minutes, asked if it was our first time, asked if we wanted to hear their "spiel," and offered us "the better deal" when it came to how to place our order. As we were eating, another couple walked in with only 15 minutes left on the clock. Instead of saying something that I hear a lot these days like, "We're only open another 15 minutes, so you better hurry." She actually said, "Hi. Come on in. You've got another 15 minutes" in a happy, cheery, welcoming tone that said, "We're excited you're here with us!"

I was so impressed that I asked to speak to the owners/managers. Co-owner, Wes, was busy with clean up, but our waitress stopped him after our meal. He gladly took a moment to talk to us and stated that he & Diane are pleased with business so far, they appreciate our compliments, and they hope that things continue to go in the upward direction for them. He prides himself on having a clean establishment, good customer service, and he says, "We know our burgers are good, the beef comes from Colorado and we cook them just right." After pointing out that the burgers are good, he showed his heart in saying that it's the little details like customer service and cleanliness that keep people coming back. I enjoyed meeting him. His wife, Diane, as co-owner of the restaurant was busy leading the staff through clean up, so I did not get a chance to talk to her.

The decor is 50's with a touch of Hawaii. They have their own radio station that plays "Oldies" music along with ads for their burgers, extended summer hours, etc. They have a fish tank in the center that you can sit around and eat while watching the fish, several televisions showing surfing shows, and pretty comfortable looking 50's diner booths. We sat at the fish tank, so I can't attest to the seating quality of the booths. I'll have to check that out next time.

The place was clean as a whistle when we walked in, and they hadn't started their night time cleaning yet. It appears it is a constant process in which they are always trying to keep it in tip-top cleanliness. For those who know me this is going to sound a bit odd, but I did not check out the bathrooms while there. Based on the rest of the place, I would guess they were pretty nice, new and clean. I'll have to check it out next time; this time, I think I was too busy devouring my burger to even think about a bathroom.

Burgers are available in 5, 7, and 9 ounce varieties and come with a few standard items like pickles, onions, special sauce, tomatoes, and I believe lettuce. You can add or remove whatever you like from that. They have almost any topping you can think of including teriyaki sauce, peanut butter, pineapple, BBQ sauce, four different cheeses, grilled onions, and more.

I kept it pretty simple - delete onions (pregnancy issue) and add pepperjack cheese. Absolutely delish! Jason got his with all the standard issue items and added american and cheddar cheeses, bacon, and mushrooms. He also ordered a kids soda and a strawberry extra thick milkshake. Our total bill was $21. Not exactly "cheap eats," but not bad for two people for dinner and absolutely, totally worth every penny. I wasn't even out of the parking lot before I was text messaging my college friend in Spokane about the joint.

I don't know when I will be back, but I hope it is soon! You've got to check them out. Teddy's Bigger Burgers - Woodinville, WA.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Set Up and Tear Down Help Needed

The Need
1 volunteer able to lift 70lbs

The Dates
Monday - July 13th
Wednesday - July 15th
Monday - July 20th
Wednesday - July 22nd
Monday - July 27th
Wednesday - July 29th

Time Needed
5:15 - 6:00pm - Set Up
9:00 - 9:30pm - Tear Down

Mondays - 6214 NE Bothell Way, Kenmore (Bethany Bible Church)
Wednesdays - 19527 NE 104th Avenue NE, Bothell (CrossPointe Church)

Please email or call if available for any of these dates/times.
Brett Spore 206-423-0813 brett@madskates.com

July 9 - Personal Study

Bible Drill Verses
Psalm 62:5
Isaiah 50:30-31
Romans 5:4-5

Study Questions
1. What are you putting your hope in? What are you hoping for? Who is going to provide the best for you?
2. If you put your hope in Christ, is the benefit only here on earth?
3. Read Isaiah 40:30-31 - What do these verses mean to you personally?
4. How can putting your hope in Christ change the way you look at life each day?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Skate Night 2 - Kickoff!

Tonight was our first night at CrossPointe.

We had 6 kids, good weather, and a great area for skating. This is a fun location with walls on two sides and a cover over the whole thing. They don't have the lighting hooked up yet, and probably won't before summer is out. But!!! We didn't need light anyway as you well know it stays light until 9pm easily here in the summer.

Thanks to Pastor Rick and Pastor Ray for letting us come be a part of the CrossPointe family once a week this summer and for providing us with a great location.

Thanks to Julie King for all your efforts in setting this up.

Thanks to Dave King, Jason Spore, and the kids who helped set up and tear down tonight.

Happy Birthday Jason!!! I love you! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Help Still Needed

We still need set up and tear down help on Mondays and Wednesdays this summer.

Set Up: 5:15 - 6:00pm (maximum commitment with 2 or more volunteers)
Tear Down: 9:00 - 9:30pm (maximum commitment with 2 or more volunteers)

Mondays - Kenmore Bible Church
Wednesdays - CrossPointe Church

Openings start this Wednesday - July 8th!

Please remember that without your help, we cannot continue.

Call or email me to pick a date and time. Thank you.
Brett Spore
email: brett@madskates.com

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not Tuesday! Wednesday now!

Skate Night Tue is not... It is now Skate Night 2 and will be on Wednesday nights!

Due to a final, last minute change made by the decision makers at CrossPointe Church, we will now be hosting Skate Night 2 at CrossPointe on Wednesday nights. For me, this is fantastic! I am stoked to have Tuesday nights at home with my husband!

Anyway, that is beside the point. The point is this... Don't show up at CrossPointe on Tuesday. Come on Wednesday and enjoy hotdogs, chips, pop, and free skating! There will be a brief message, hi/low, and Bible drill just like we do on Monday nights at Bethany.

This next Monday we will be starting a video series on Monday nights, so don't worry, you will not have to hear the same message from me on Monday and Wednesday nights. :)

God bless! Have a great 4th of July! Keep all your fingers and toes, and we'll see you Monday and Wednesday nights for Skate Night and Skate Night 2.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seattle Center Skate Park - GRAND OPENING!

Join members of the Seattle City Council, the skateboard community and the Skatepark development team to celebrate the completion of Seattle Center Skatepark, a first phase project of the Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan. The 10,000 square-foot space, located inside the campus entry at 2nd Avenue and Thomas Street, features a flowing street plaza with ledges, stairs and transitions for all skill levels and abilities. The Opening ceremony starts at 11am. Music, skateboard demonstrations, contests and give-aways run from 12pm to 4pm. For more information, visit www. seattlecenter.com/skatepark.