Mission Statement Making a difference in our community through Christian outreach in a fun and safe environment.

Purpose Statement Our primary purpose is to expand the knowledge of Christ among youth by setting a positive example and providing a safe place for recreation.

Vision Statement To be Washington's premier skatepark and recreational facility by providing each guest with a variety of activities in a friendly, affordable, Christian environment.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

H E L P !

We need someone to provide dinner for the MAD Skates & Rec Center kids and crew on Monday, June 17th!

If you are able to help out in any way, please contact me via facebook, email or text/call. brett@madskates.com 206-423-0813

God bless!

Memorial Day - Next Monday - May 27th

No Skate & Rec Night next week - Monday, May 27th!
Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends.
Remember to thank someone who has served or is serving our country and take a  moment to remember those we have lost but not forgotten.

Bible Session - 5-20-13 - The Basement

This is the video our teens watched last night for Bible Session.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bible Session Notes - 12+ Group - 5-6-13

Accepting the Call
Adapted from a Devotional by Gwen Smith

John 14:23 – Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. M y father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”
If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.

How many of you carry a cell phone?
How many of you know how to decline an incoming call?
How do you do it? 
When do you do it?

Have you ever received a “call” from God? A prompting from the Holy Spirit?  Maybe it sounded a little like this.  A small hint… almost a whisper… saying…
                Forgive him.
                Don’t go to that party.
                Focus on me and my plan for you.
                Do your work before you go play.
                Relax.  Take a break. Rest.

Read: John 14:15-27.  In these verses, Jesus clearly and repeatedly states that if the disciples and we love Him, they and we would obey His commands and His teaching.
It’s a simple IF/THEN statement.  If you love me – Then obey.

Have you ever received a call from God and promptly “declined the call?”  Maybe the call was telling you something you didn’t want to hear.  Maybe the call came at a bad time for you.  Maybe you were already too busy, overloaded, irritated, or completely unprepared.  Or maybe the timing was just right, you were in the right frame of mind, and you answered the call.

Read: John 16:7-14.  In these verses, Jesus reminds the disciples and us that He will send the Holy Spirit to teach, guide in truth, convict of sin, remind us of what Jesus taught, help us and empower us.

A lot of people will say, “You should trust your gut” meaning trust your intuition.  Intuition is that feeling inside that might say something like “This salesman is taking you for a ride.  Even though the car looks great and seems ok, there is something really wrong here.  Walk away.”  As Christians, we not only have that “gut feeling” or intuition, but we also have God in our lives guiding us through the work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit within is speaking to us.  So listen up.  And then obey.

The Holy Spirit will give you what you need for each task that God has called you to do as you answer that call.  God will not call you up, tell you to do something, and then not show up to help you.  He wants our willingness and our obedience even when his plans seem to interrupt our own plans.

I think the hardest part in all of this is obeying when his call interrupts our lives, pleasure, happiness, chaos, etc.  I’m also learning that to obey quickly is a lot easier than delaying obedience.  Is seems the task grows in magnitude the longer I wait to obey.  If I just immediately respond to the call and obey, everything tends to work out much better and with a lot less stress on me. 

When you hear the call, first pick up the “phone” and answer God’s call.  Then listen to Him and obey.

Questions to Ponder:
1.       Can you think of a time when you sensed that God was leading you to do something? How did you respond?
2.       Is there something He is calling you to do today?
3.       Are you withholding forgiveness from anyone in your life?
4.       Are you aware of a need that God wants you to meet?
5.       Does He want you to end a toxic relationship?

6-11 Year Old Bible Session Notes

We haven't been doing the greatest job of telling you all what we are teaching the 6-11 year olds.  Here is a sample of what is being taught to that group.  Thank you Bev, Robb, and Melody for working with this awesome group of kids.

Eternal life
John 3:3 I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.
What does eternal mean to you? Living forever in heaven is eternal life. Jesus said there is a place for you in heaven if you know Him. Forever is a VERY long time. How do we get eternal life … what kind of “work” do we have to do?

Discussion with questions from the kids.

Additional Scriptures: John 3:16, Matthew 19:17, Luke 10: 25 – 28, John 14:1-4

What is iniquity?

Psalm 38:18 I confess my iniquity; I am troubled by my sin. (Memory verse)

Iniquity = wrongdoing - i.e. all of sudden turning your friends against someone who IS your friend just because that person did something you didn’t like or it made you mad.

We have ALL sinned. Part of having eternal life is knowing that Jesus is constantly by our side and we can always confess our sin (iniquity). He said he would do that even if we are repeat offenders. Maybe we have something we can’t stop doing or saying right now. BUT He will forgive you each and every time you come to Him and confess. We may try to do our best to “never sin again” but nobody can live up to that …. nobody! It’s impossible because we are human and we have all sinned (Romans 3:23) and will continue to do so (not an excuse). Jesus is the only pure one.

Even though we confess our sins, we may still have to pay consequences. He doesn’t always bail us out but he always forgives. Once we confess our sins, they are forever forgotten. He erases it from our record and He will NEVER make us feel guilty about what we have done. That comes straight from Satan.

We cannot hide anything from Jesus so you might as well be straight with Him. He already knows our sin. He wants us to come to Him for forgiveness. Not everyone can forgive a person just because they asked for forgiveness … but Jesus does.

This is all part of asking Jesus to be Lord and Savior of your life.

Additional Scriptures: Psalm 78:37-38, Psalm 103:10, Isaiah 59:2 & 20