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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boarders for Christ - Heading to Egypt!

This is a copy of an email I received today from my good friends at Boarders for Christ. Please read!

Hello Everybody,

Hope you're all doing well. I wanted to fill you all in on a huge upcoming opportunity that was offered to Boarders For Christ and see if any of you would be willing to lend a hand.

A couple months ago we received a phone call from a Christian Church in Cairo, Egypt called Kasr-El Dobara Evangelical Church. This church is a church of 5,000 Christians in EGYPT. They are putting on a festival from December 5-7 and they have invited BFC to do skateboard demonstrations and share the gospel with over 15,000 Egyptians that will be in attendance. We at BFC really felt a burden to go no matter what it took. The only problem, we have no money and they need us to pay our own way. So, knowing that finances are not an issue for THE MOST HIGH, we decided to commit to going. This is probably one of the biggest steps we have ever taken, especially in a time where our personal giving to BFC is down well over 60%. However, these people need Jesus and this opportunity was not a coincidence. Along with this opportunity we had an idea to also pull together 100 complete skateboards from various skateboard companies and give these out to the Egyptian kids. We think it is an amazing idea for us to not only go there to share our hearts and our stories but also skateboarding and bless these kids.

In the last couple days we were also given the opportunity to extend our trip and go down Burundi (which is inbetween Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania). Some friends of ours are running a project down there called THE HOPE PROJECT, building 60 homes in 40 days. BFC created a tshirt this last summer that we sold on tour and with the sales of that shirt we, BFC, raised enough money to build a house. We are hoping to be able to fly from Cairo to Burundi and build the house along with the people and help build the other 59 homes as well.

We will also be taking our filming equipment and making a short film documenting the trip. As of now we will have 4 BFC guys going and depending how much money we can raise we may take more.

You're saying to yourself....whats it gonna cost....dont they know the state of the economy....and the answer is yes, but we believe when God calls He provides. We received the call and now it is up to us to ask that people would help make this trip possible. Basically, we are trying to raise $20,000 in 1 month. I know it sounds eager, but I really believe if you take the time to pass this along to your friends and family.....we can do it. The U.S. Spends more than 450 Billion dollars a year at Christmas......that is a lot of money.....we are wondering if you would be willing to spend a little less and consider giving towards this trip. I am convinced that people will be blessed through our going and I know that we all know of people that may be willing to give. Would you partner with us....would you help us get the word out.......would you pray for us.....and would you take the time to ask the Lord if this is something He may want you involved in.

Our offer to you is that if you give $100 or more to the trip, we will send you a BFC tshirt. I know its not much but we want you to know how much we appreciate your generousity. Also, if you own a business and your business gives, we will feature you in our Press Release as well.

If you are wanting to give....paste this into your browser: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=941211Thank You for your time....I appreciate all of you and your devotion to Jesus. Thanks for always being there for us.


Chris Lauri
DirectorBoarders For Christ

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