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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bible Session 12-2-13 - Guest Speaker

This week we had a guest speaker, Karina Woodruff.  She does crisis intervention for Friends of Youth, and attends Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell.

Topic: Christmas Story

Instead of handing out Bible to the youth, Karina had them "be the Bible."  Most students were given a piece of paper with their role and lines written on it.  As Karina read from the Bible, she would then ask certain roles to read their lines.  As you can imagine, there was much giggling especially when Seth was given the role of Mary.

After going through the most important Christmas story.  She spoke about how everyone was welcome at the manger - smelly shepherds, rich magi, angels, etc. She spoke on how Christ can relate to our human issues because he too had to have his diaper changed, get found when he ran off to the temple, and had to do what his mother told him to do. The kids giggled their way through acting out the nativity scene we know so well, and yet as Karina said, do we really. The manger was a pig trough. The stable was a cave. In the end, everyone was welcome at the manger, and Jesus is still welcoming everyone to come and know him.

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