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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bible Session Notes - 1-13-14



Question: In the Bible, who is most known for his super strength? Samson

Turn to Judges 13 where we will read about the promise of Samson’s birth.

Judges 13:1

Question: What did the Israelites do?  Evil in the eyes of the Lord

Question: What was the consequence?  40 of Philistine rule.

Judges 13:2-7

Question: Does anyone know some of the rules for a Nazarite?

*Set apart to God – formal oath/vow

*No wine or fermented liquor, no vinegar, no grapes

*No shaving or cutting of hair

*No contact with a dead body

Number 6:1-8 – The Nazarite Vow

Judges 13:8

*I love how this dad immediately recognizes the magnitude of the situation and asks God for help.

Judges 13:9-14

*God hears you.

Judges 13:13

Question: Did the angel of the Lord answer Manoah’s question? NO

Question: Why do you think that is? Student answers.

Conclusion: God always hears you.  He may not answer you in the way you would hope or expect, but His plan is best.  Keep asking him for answers, then listen for a response, and then obey. 


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