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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bible Session Notes - Monday - April 14 - Matthew 5:1-12

Matthew 5:1-2 (student read)

? Who was Jesus teaching at this time?  His disciples in the broader sense of the word.  Not just the 12 but also those who followed him.

? Where was he teaching?  Mountainside (Not a mountain top – a mountainside – perhaps a plateau)

? Why did he sit? It was the custom of Jewish teachers to sit when they taught.

? Why do you think he went to the mountainside?  Student response

* Luke 6 12-20 (student read)

* Here again we see a difference between two of the gospels in an account of the same story.  However, I believe it is simply a difference in how the story is being told not a case of disharmony between the stories. 

(Get two volunteers at the beginning of the night.  Give each student 2 minutes to silently read the story.  Then give each student a piece of paper and a pen to write out their version of the story. Read these stories to the rest of the students.)

Story: Billy and Jane went to the store at 9:00 in the morning to buy a dozen donuts for their neighborhood friends.  They bought 6 maple bars, 3 chocolate sprinkled donuts and 3 vanilla sprinkled donuts.  When they got back to their neighborhood at 9:30, they went from door to door handing out donuts to their friends.  Their friends were all very happy except for Bobby.  Bobby had just had new braces put on and wasn’t allowed to eat anything for 5 hours.

*I’m using this as an example of how the same story will be told differently by two different people.  One will focus on some of the details while the other will focus on other details.

Student Story 1: Two people went to get donuts at 9:00.  They bought 6 maple bars and something and something.  When they got back, they went around the neighborhood giving donuts to their friends.  Everyone liked them except for Bobby.  He had just had braces put on and could not eat for 5 hours.

Student Story 2: Jane and Billy went to the store to get some doughnuts for their friends.  They got maple bars, sprinkled doughnuts, bacon wrapped maple bars, bacon filled sprinkled doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts, and old fashioned doughnuts.  They went door to door in their neighborhood handing out their doughnuts to their friends.  All their friends were happy except Bobby.  Bobby had gotten braces and could not eat anything, ESPECIALLY bacon filled sprinkled doughnuts, for five whole entire long eternal-feeling hours.
(This wasn’t the best example of my point, because Student Story 2 took some artistic liberties.  However, the point is still the same in that the main points of the story are that Billy & Jane bought donuts for their friends who all enjoyed them except Bobby who just got braces.)

*In the next group of verses, Christ will teach his disciples and us that the greatest joy and happiness is not in the easiness and pleasures of this world, but the greatest joy and happiness is found by living in the good will and pleasure of God even when you are treated poorly by others in this world.
Matthew 5:3-10 The Beatitudes – Beati = Blessed (student read)

*9 Beatitudes = 7 Characteristics – The last 2 Beatitudes talk about external circumstances that can lead to blessings verses a character trait of the person.

*Most of the Beatitudes go completely against what the world is teaching us every day. 
Blessed are:

o   The poor in spirit – Those who realize without God they are nothing.

o   They that mourn – Those who feel a deep sense of sadness/sorrow for their own sins, the sins of others and the effects those sins have on our world and our people.

o   The meek – Those who are not arrogant and greedy and self-seeking.

o   They that hunger and thirst for righteousness – Those who seek to be Christ-like and live in a moral and right manner.

o   The merciful – Those who do acts of kindness and who are compassionate toward those who offend them.

o   The pure in heart – Those who are free from evil desires and purposes.

o   The peacemakers – Those who try to make peace between individuals or communities.

*These first 7 are all characteristics of a person.  This is the attitude of someone who has fully given control of his or her life over to Christ.

Matthew 5:11 The Beatitudes Continued
Blessed are:

o   You who are persecuted for righteousness sake.

o   You who are reproached (to find fault with) and persecuted, and have things said against you falsely for Christ’ sake.

*After Christ’ death, the followers of Christ suffered great persecution.  In some areas of the world, this severe persecution continues today.  With your parents, go online and check out Voice of the Martyrs who help persecuted Christians around the world.  Even here in America, Christians are suffering persecution.  Although we are not being beaten and killed for our beliefs, we are being made fun of, we are falsely accused of being haters, and we are having our moral beliefs being used against us in court and in the government.  Persecution is as real today as it was in the time of Jesus.
Matthew 5:12 REJOICE (student read)


*Rejoice.  Christ says to rejoice in these persecutions.

? Why do you think Jesus says that? Student response

Points to Ponder:
Are you a disciple of Christ?

Are you living out these qualities (the Beatitudes) in your daily life?
How will you rejoice even when persecuted?

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