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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bible Session Notes 3-9-15

The Third Commandment
Adapted From: Ten to Grow On By Sandra Klaus

·        Review:
o   How many commandments are there? 10
o   The 10 Commandments are found in which part of the Bible? Old Testament and many are repeated in the New Testament. 
o   What is the First Commandment?
§  You shall have no other Gods before me. 
o   What is the Second Commandment?
§  You shall not make for Yourself an Idol
o   Who can remember where the 10 Commandments are first found in the Bible?  What book?

·        Read Exodus 20:7

·        The Third Commandment says, “You shall not misuse the Name of the Lord Your God.”

·        It can also be said, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”  Vain means without value. 

·        What does this mean?  It means that every time we say “God” or “Jesus Christ” we should remember how much we love God and how important He is to us.

·        One way to avoid misusing God’s name is to only use it when there is a good reason to use it.  We can use His name when talking to Him, when telling someone how wonderful He is, when thanking Him for something in your life or the world around you.

·        What are some of the wrong ways people use God’s name? (Discuss with students)

·        The most obvious way people misuse God’s name is to use it as a swear word.
·        Keep in mind that there are many names for God.  Using any name for God when we are angry or frustrated is a sin.

·        Sometimes people use the name of God to shock others or draw attention to themselves.  This is not honoring God.  This is a sin.

·        In some ways, we as Christians can misuse God’s name by the way we act.  If we are Christians, then people associate us with Christ.  We should act in ways that bring honor to Christ. 

·        How should we use God’s name? (Student Discussion)
o   We should speak His name in love.
o   We should honor and protect his name.
o   We should defend it when we hear someone else using it in wrong ways.

Bible Drill:
1Timothy 6:15
John 4:25
Titus 1:4

Additional Bible Reading: 
Isaiah 9:6
John 1:29
John 10:14
Matthew 1:23

Memory Verse:
Exodus 20:7

You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name

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