Mission Statement Making a difference in our community through Christian outreach in a fun and safe environment.

Purpose Statement Our primary purpose is to expand the knowledge of Christ among youth by setting a positive example and providing a safe place for recreation.

Vision Statement To be Washington's premier skatepark and recreational facility by providing each guest with a variety of activities in a friendly, affordable, Christian environment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skate Night - Snow Night - March 9 in review

Due to bizarre weather in the Seattle area, we only had 2 kids show up for skate night. Our faithful - Kory & Connor - were there with scriptures memorized and boards in hand.

In a freak snowfall Monday, some areas received as much as 3 inches of snow making the hills and roadways around the Puget Sound a skating rink for cars and trucks. 3 inches doesn't sound like much until you consider there isn't a flat spot in this area unless you've just come off a mile high hill and are getting ready to go back up another one. Although, the Bothell/Kenmore area was one of the least hit with snow for once, the traffic in the surrounding areas made getting home from work and then to skate night difficult for many.

My friend Jeremy was able to make it in to help set up in Micki's absence. He brought his camera and took a lot of shots which I am still waiting to see... hint hint Jeremy!

Jason had a rare night off from college, which was closed due to the weather. He road to the church in the M.A.D. Mobile with me and helped set up for the night. Then he joined me in falling a lot as we attempted to learn how to skateboard. Connor tried to teach me a few tricks, but so far, I'm just able to occasionally land an ollie and hold a very short manual. The ground hurts a lot more at 34 than it did when I was 16.

Well, keep us in your prayers this week as we lean on God more and more each day. God bless you all. We'll see you soon, and remember... you're welcome anytime. Come on down and see what we're up to on Monday nights.

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