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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bible Sessions Last Night

6-11 Year Old Class
WINNING CONVERSATIONS - Bev taught on the story of Hannah and how she wanted a baby so badly, but she couldn't have a baby.  She always kept on praying, and one day Eli heard her praying.  He told her to go home; her prayers had been answered.  God would give her a child.  Hannah did end up having a child who she then gave back to God when he was old enough to live with Priest Eli.  Different ways of praying were discussed.

Jr/Sr High Class
TEMPTATION - Brett taught on temptation.  Psalms 119:9 - How do you keep your way pure? By living according to God's word.  How can you live by God's word if you do not read it? Luke 22:40 - What can help you avoid falling into temptation?  Prayer.  Not just your own prayer, but also the prayer of others.  Psalm 119:11 - How do you avoid sinning against God when temptations come?  Memorize scripture.

Then we looked at the temptation of Christ in Luke 4:1-12.  Jesus wasn't free from temptation.  After 40 days in the dessert, Satan tempted Christ.  Christ' first response when tempted?  Quote scripture!

Then we watched a short video by Shaun Murray talking about temptation and how Satan just wants to get one little fingernail between you and God, so he can peel you away like a sticker on an RV. 

My challenge to the teens - Before you are faced with temptation, apply the verses we read today.  Live according to God's word (read it every day!), pray and ask others for prayer support, and memorize scripture.
 were used for Bible drill.  There was some discussion

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