Mission Statement Making a difference in our community through Christian outreach in a fun and safe environment.

Purpose Statement Our primary purpose is to expand the knowledge of Christ among youth by setting a positive example and providing a safe place for recreation.

Vision Statement To be Washington's premier skatepark and recreational facility by providing each guest with a variety of activities in a friendly, affordable, Christian environment.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A review of the past few weeks and a look into the future.

November 10 - We did not have Skate & Rec Night for two main reasons: I was supposed to be out of town for my 40th birthday & Veteran's Day was the next day.  We thought some families might take the long weekend and do a short trip.  I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy each others company.

November 17 - We had a guest speaker, Scott Yamamura.  I was extremely ill and was unable to attend and my brother, Robb - a key volunteer, was also out on vacation.  Nikki Lind, Jeremy Drew, Melody Drew, Jeff Porter, and my husband stepped up to fill in all the gaps.  I was sad to have missed Scott Yamamura, but I heard he did a great job and the students really had a good time.

November 24 - We celebrated Thanksgiving with turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cooked carrots followed up by some pumpkin pie with whipped cream. 

December 1 - Last night our guest speaker was Dr. Matt Angove.  He talked about the difference between the Olympic champion Usain Bolt and the 6th place runner being separated by only 1%.  He really challenged the students with "What's your PMA?" PMA - positive mental attitude.  What are you feeling?  He wanted the students to see that surrounding yourself with positive people is extremely helpful in having a positive outlook.  He also challenged them to truly have a PMA versus just showing it on the outside.  He discussed how many people who come to see him appear to have a PMA but when they are alone they do not.  So, how do you have a PMA?  He gave them a few ideas on how to have a  PMA including changing their perspective on getting ahead in the world and being competitive.  In competition are you working hard to succeed or focusing your emotions on wanting those ahead of you to fail?  He used an example from his own collegiate basketball days to show the students how wishing and hoping for others to mess up so you can get a spot on the team doesn't work very well.  He told them to be the one who makes the difference by cheering for the team to do well, encouraging the other players, and praying for your everyone to play their best. 

Pray for those ahead of you, change your heart attitude, and see what happens! Life is so much more enjoyable! Work toward your whole team winning and those you compete against doing well.

Additionally last night was Kids Are Cooking, and Melody & Kristi nailed it again making cookie kits for the kids to take home.  Even some of our skaters got in on the action.


Dec 8 - We will be discussing community service, local outreach, and missions while making our choices on where to send our tithe this Christmas.  Please have your students bring their 12th Man Challenge pages, so I can mark down where everyone is at right now and see what we can do to get these completed.

Dec 15 - MAD Skates & Rec Center Christmas Party. This party is for the students and their families!  This is NOT just for the students.  Please RSVP ASAP.  We run the Christmas Party during regular Skate & Rec Night hours.  There will be food for everyone, games for adults and students, gifts for the students, and even a skate competition.  We sincerely hope to see you there.

-Brett Elizabeth Spore

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