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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bible Session - 2-3-14 - Samson

Fair warning.  This is some pretty crazy stuff in this chapter.  Like Samson unleashes on the Philistines.  Chapters like this make me wonder, what on earth?

Judges 15:1-2 (Student read.)
*Samson went to see the woman he thought was his wife, but then he finds out she was given to his friend.
Question: How good of a friend was this guy? (Student response)

Judges 15:3-5 (student read)
*Samson unleashes his anger on the Philistines and burns up their crops.  You have to understand that as an agricultural area, this pretty much just cost them many lives.  There is no telling how they would get through the next season without those crops. 
Question: Did it say anything about his super strength or the Spirit of the Lord? (NO)
Question: Do you think Samson was acting correctly in this situation? (Student responses)

Judges 15:6-8 (student read.)
Question: Has anyone heard of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?  Does paying back one wrong with another wrong seem to be working very well? (Student responses)

Judges 15:9-10 (Student read.)
*The Philistines go to get Samson. 

Judges 15:11 (student read.)
Question: How many men went to get Samson? Why would they need so many? (Student response)

Judges 15:12-13 (student read.)
*His people tied him up and took him to the Philistines.
Question: What was Samson’s request? (That they do not kill him themselves.)

Judges 15:14-17 (Brett read.)
Question: How many men did he kill? (1,000)
Question: What did he use to kill the men? (A donkey jawbone)
Question: Was the Spirit of the Lord upon him this time? (Yes)
Question: Why do you think the Spirit of the Lord was with him this time?  (Student response)
Question: Does anyone have a guess as to what Ramath Lehi means? (Jawbone Hill)

Judges 15:18-19 (student read.)
*Samson is thirsty and cries out to God for water.
Question: Where did the water come from? (a hallow place)
Question: What was the name of the spring? (En Hakkore)
Question: What do you think that might mean? (caller’s spring)
Question: Do you think the spring is still there today? (Student response)

Judges 15:20 (student read.)
Question: Samson led or judged Israel for how many years? (20)

Interesting Points:
1 – Samson doesn’t always make the right choices and seems a bit hot tempered, but God still uses him.
2 – When Samson was being led to the Philistines to be put to death, God basically said, “It isn’t time” and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he got away safely.

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