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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bible Session Notes 2-10-14

Judges 16:1 (Brett read.)
*A prostitute is a woman who gets paid to be with a man.
Question: Does this seem like a place for an Israelite judge to be?  A nazirite? (Student response)

Judges 16:2-3 (student read)
*Samson’s enemies find out he’s there and plot to kill him in the morning, but Samson leaves in the middle of the night, ripping off the doors of the city gate on his way out.
Question: Why do you think he left in the middle of the night? (Student reponse)
Question: When he tore off the doors of the city gates was the spirit of the Lord upon him? No
*You can learn a lot by what is not said in the Bible as well as what is said.  Listen to the quiet places – those times when it seems like you’re asking yourself “why doesn’t the Bible say that this time?”
Question: Why do you think he tore the doors off the city gates? (Student response)

Judges 16:4 (student read)
*Samson is in love again.
Question: Did anyone else notice how many women are in this story? (Student response)
*Mom, 1st wife, prostitute, and now Delilah.  So far, only his mom has been of any quality.

Judges 16:5 (student read)
*Here we go again.  The Philistirnes are using their women to get to Samson.  He fell to this once before with his first wife.  Why not try again?
*Side thought.  Once you say “yes” to a sin or wrong thing, it becomes easier and easier to say “yes” after that.  Don’t say “yes” the first time. Don’t let sin get its foot in the door.

Judges 16:6-9 (student read)
*Delilah asks Samson for the secret of his strength.  Samson lies and breaks free.

Judges 16:10 (student read)
*Delilah yells at him for lying to her and then asks again for the truth.
*Wait a minute!  She just tried to capture him and she’s mad at him because he lied!  She’s tricking him and he’s lying. 
Question: Does anyone else see a problem here? (student response)

Judges 16:11-12 (student read)
*Samson tells her another lie. Delilah tries to capture him.  He breaks free.  She has now tried to capture him twice, and he’s still with her.
Question: Why is he still with her? (student response)

Judges 16:13-14 (student read)
*Delilah again accuses Samson of lying and again asks for the real way to tie him up.
Question: How many times has Samson lied to Delilah now? 3
Question: Why do you think he lied to her in the first place? (student response)

Judges 16:15-16 (student read)
*Delilah pulls out all the stops in the blame game this time.  “You don’t love me or you would tell me your secret.”  Day in and day out she nagged him.
Question: Does this sound familiar in Samson’s story? (student response)
Question: What happened the last time a woman told Samson “you don’t love me or you’d tell me?” (Samson lost the riddle challenge and had to pay out 30 linen clothes)

Judges 16:17 (student read)
*Samson gives up and tells her everything.  Sad day for Samson.

Judges 16:18-19 (student read)
Delilah calls Samson’s enemies and sets him up for capture.  Shaving his head – she removes all of his strength. 

Judges 16:20 (student read)
*Samson cannot break free.
Question: How do you think Samson felt when he realized he could not break free? (student response)
Question: What does it say about God/the Lord? What did God do? (Student response)
Question: Why do you think the Lord left him? (Student response)
*I find it very interesting that Samson did a lot of pretty bad stuff and God did not leave him.  It was not until Samson broke his vow with God that God left him.

Judges 16:21 (student read)
*Samson is captured.  Game over.
Question: Why do you think they blinded him? (Student response)

Judges 16:22 (student read)
*Samson’s hair began to grow again…
Come back in 2 weeks to find out what happens next!

Interesting Points:
1 – Once again, Samson reminds us to be careful who we choose as our closest friends, wives, husbands, etc.  Delilah’s values were not good.  She did not love Samson.  She wanted the money from the Philistines, and that was the bottom line.  Know the people in your life, and know who you can trust with you secrets.  Samson lied to Delilah 3 times, yet he stayed with her.  If I did not trust someone that much, I wouldn’t hang around.  If you have a friend who is often “getting you into trouble” are they really a very good friend?  Can you be better friend to them by saying “no” to what they are asking you to do with them?  Perhaps not only will you not get into trouble, but maybe they won’t either.

2 – Although Samson is VERY strong physically, he is quite weak spiritually, emotionally and dare I say mentally.  Being made in the image of God who has three people in one – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - we are also made up of 3 parts – mind, spirit, and body.  If you are only strong in one area, you will fall just like Samson.  It’s like a 3 legged stool.  If one leg is long, but the other two are short or even if 2 legs are long and only one is short, the stool will not stand up.  Neither will you.  So strengthen all 3 parts of you:
Strengthen your mind (learn, school, etc)   
Strengthen your body (exercise, nutrition, sleep)
Strengthen your spirit (know God, read the Bible, pray, reflect)

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