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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bible Session Notes 2-24-14 Samson

Review: What happened to Samson?  Where is he now?

Judges 16:23-24 (student read)

Question: What was the name of the god the Philistines worshipped? Dagon
Question: What were the people so excited about?  What were they praising Dagon for? Delivering Samson into their hands.

Judges 16:25-27 (student read)
*The Philistines used Samson as entertainment.  It doesn’t say what he did to entertain them.

Question: What do you think they had him do? (Student response)
Question: How many people were watching Samson perform? 3,000

Judges 16:28-30 (student read)
Question: Samson finally prays to God.  What does he ask for?  Strength one more time

Judges 16:31 (student read)
*His family took his body and buried him. 

*It says he judged Israel for 20 years.
Question: How old do you think Samson was when he died? (student response)

And that is the end of Samson.

Interesting Points:
1 – Samson didn’t do a lot of things right, but God still used him.  That’s not a free pass for you to do whatever you want and expect God to still use you.  It simply means that you don’t have to be perfect to be used for God’s purposes. 

2 – God never left Samson until Samson broke his vow.  God won’t leave you either.  When you choose God, He sticks by you through everything good and everything bad.
3 – Pick your close friends wisely.  Be a good example.  Don’t let sin creep in by saying “yes” the first time.

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